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March 2024

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April 2024

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May 2024

click on the Pygmy Owl to find out more

Share Phil Palmer's love of Latvia and Lithuania for a springtime Baltic birding bonanza. Vast forests host eight species of woodpecker, Ural Owl and Western Capercaillie. Birdsong fills the air as Thrush Nightingales serenade us. Witness the astonishing migration of wildfowl, waders, raptors and passerines over Cape Kolka.

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May 2024

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May 2024

click on the Icterine Warbler to find out more
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May 2024

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May 2024

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July 2024

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September 2024

click on the Short-toed Snake-eagle to find out more

Peak autumn migration in the Straits of Gibraltar, when huge numbers of White Storks, Black Kites, European Honey-buzzards, Short-toed and Booted Eagles head south to Africa. We also visit the picturesque limestone crags of the Sierra de Grazalema and the woods, lakes and marshes of the Guadalquivir River for additional sought-after bird life. Includes a whale and dolphin boat trip and an evening excursion for Red-necked Nightjar.


January 2025

click on the Bee Hummingbird to find out more

Escape to the tropical warmth of Cuba and enjoy the best bird watching in the Caribbean. Packed with Cuban and West Indian endemics plus a host of over-wintering North American wood warblers. We visit the famous Zapata swamp where the magnificent Bee Hummingbird and glorious Cuban Tody can be watched amidst unspoiled and beautiful habitat. Includes a night in Havana to witness the city's colonial history at first hand.


February 2025

click on the Hypocolius to find out more

Follow the Queen of Sheba to Oman, jewel of the Arabian Peninsula. Palm-fringed beaches, stunning mountain ranges and the vast desert Empty Quarter hold a unique mix of Palearctic, Oriental and Afro-tropical breeding species, migrants and wintering birds alike. Stay in style in the southern Dhofar province, and later explore the northern Batinah coast - winter sun with fantastic birding.


March 2025

click on the Blue-winged Mountain-tanager to find out more

Colombia hosts the most diverse avifauna in the world - expect to see about 500 species, including many of the country's 91 endemics, as we visit the Western Andes, Santa Marta Mountains and Guajira peninsula on the Caribbean coast. Join John McLoughlin for an astonishing South American tour of a lifetime.


April 2025

click on the Rock Partridge to find out more

Explore this hidden gem of the Balkans to discover a landscape of untouched beauty and a rich cultural heritage that includes fortress towns and castles. From two-centres we explore the famous Adriatic coastal marshes and spectacular interior mountains, home to a terrific Mediterranean bird list including Dalmatian Pelican and Rock Partridge. Spring's warmth and bird migration at its peak awaits.


May 2025

click on the Bibi-Khanym mosque to find out more

Uzbekistan hosts some of Central Asia's finest birding; we visit stunning deserts and lush hillsides for Pander's Ground-jay, White-tailed Plover, Asian Houbara, Upcher's Warbler, White-throated Robin and much more. Marvel at Great Silk Road World Heritage sites in Bukhara and Samarkand.

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June 2025

click on the West Beach, Berneray to find out more

Venture to the far-flung Outer Hebrides, where Golden and White-tailed Eagles and Hen Harriers patrol the moorland skies. Quiet lochs, pristine white beaches and picturesque coastal machair provide breeding grounds for divers, waders and even secretive and playful Eurasian Otters. With sea birds all around, our comfortable hotel is at the heart of this wildlife spectacular.
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April 2025

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