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Terms & Conditions

At Birding Abroad Ltd, we want to keep our business with you as informal and straightforward as possible. We will always endeavour to be flexible and try to tailor our service to meet your needs whilst at the same time aim to maintain the highest of professional standards. We have put in place a set of simple and transparent booking terms and conditions which are set out below.

1. Bookings
1.1 All bookings must be made by e-mail or letter and include a completed booking form, together with a deposit, the amount of which will be set out in our correspondence with you.
1.2 The balance of the tour price will normally be due in two further installments, the last of which is normally due just over 3 months prior to departure date.
1.3 All payments can be made via electronic banking transfer to our clients account or alternatively by cheque made payable to 'Birding Abroad Ltd".
1.4 Upon our acceptance of your booking and deposit, we will send you either a written or an e-mail confirmation, at which time a contract shall be deemed to be in existence between us

2. Cancellation by us
2.1 We reserve the right to cancel any tour for whatever reason. This would normally be the result of insufficient bookings or the imposition of international travel restrictions and in this event an alternative tour may be offered.
2.2 Anyone declining an alternative tour will be refunded in full.
2.3 In the unlikely event that we have to cancel, you will be informed in writing (usually by e-mail), backed by a telephone call, not less than 8 weeks prior to the tour.
2.4 Should we have to end a tour part way through, this will be deemed to be a 'curtailment' and we will endeavour to return what monies we can to you, less irrecoverable costs.

3. Cancellation by you
3.1 Should you need to cancel for whatever reason, we can only accept notice in writing or e-mail and this will only be effective from the day we receive it.
3.2 The following charges will apply to cancellations made by clients who have paid the deposit.
3.2.1 If you cancel 3 months or more before departure date - we will refund the deposit to you (less any irrecoverable costs we have already incurred on your behalf - these occur for example in connection with all forms of transport, accommodation or guiding services). Any further installments already paid by you will also be refunded to you, again less any irrecoverable costs we have incurred.
3.2.2 If you cancel with less than 3 months to departure date - the full cost of tour including deposit becomes payable by you.
3.3 Please note that we will always endeavour to ensure no client is unreasonably out of pocket when a cancellation occurs, which we appreciate can arise for a variety of personal, health and other reasons. We will always try to secure a replacement and pass back monies to the canceling party (less irrecoverable costs as mentioned above), but this is not always possible, especially with late cancellations.
3.4 It is important therefore that your holiday insurance adequately covers such eventualities. We will be pleased to supply your insurance company with any supporting documentation required as proof of booking, but it will be for you to resolve claims with your insurer.

4. Cost Increases

4.1 Sometimes on very rare occasions, despite the best attention to detail in forward planning and organisation, circumstances outside of our control can result in an increase in costs. Where we consider this to be significant, we will write to you at the earliest opportunity with an explanation and a request for additional payment. You will then have the option of paying this amount or canceling your booking with a refund of all monies paid.

5. Passport, Visa
5.1 All clients must be in possession of a valid passport, which is not due for renewal for at least six months following the conclusion of the tour.
5.2 Should visas or other similar restrictions be in place in any country we are visiting or must pass through in transit, then these are the responsibility of each client. We will give advice on these well in advance of the tour.

6. Health Requirements
6.1 Where vaccinations or other health actions are required, then these are the responsibility of the clients. Where appropriate, clients should seek appropriate medical advice from their doctor whilst also checking relevant Foreign Office public information. The coronavirus pandemic has heightened everyone's awareness of health issues associated with international travel. Your safety, health and well-being remain our top priority.
6.2 Birding Abroad tours are not normally strenuous, but a basic level of health and fitness is required to cope with several successive days of birding activity in the field. Prospective clients should consider this carefully if they feel their health or fitness could jeopardise their own (or others) enjoyment of the tour.
6.3 Health issues are of course private to each client. Birding Abroad will respect this privacy and treat any information provided by clients about their health with strict confidence.
6.4 Birding Abroad offer a programme of outdoor activities and holidays centred on observation of wildlife. Certain risks and dangers may occur, such as travel by air, train or automobile, accident or illness in remote areas without nearby facilities, forces of nature including potentially dangerous animals and political disturbance. We take advice from experienced and knowledgeable local guides who know the terrain, so the likelihood of any harm is small, but is still present. Clients embark on tours at their own risk and discharge Birding Abroad of claims and demands associated with participation on tours.

7. Delays
7.1 We are unable to accept any responsibility for extra costs incurred as a result of delays and/or failures by ferries, airlines, and all other modes of transport, strikes, or any other causes beyond our control.

8. Insurance
8.1 Since travel insurance is a legal requirement, we will need a copy of your insurance prior to any trips abroad. You should ensure the health cover elements of your insurance are specifically compliant with any current global health issues and provide for sufficient medical cover whist overseas and repatriation costs.
8.2 Birding Abroad cannot be held responsible for any theft, loss or damage of any personal effects whatsoever; the same applies to any personal injury, illness or accident.
8.3 Birding Abroad cannot accept responsibility for issues which are outside of our control. These include industrial disputes, war, terrorism, natural disasters, adverse weather, fire or other such 'Acts of God'.
8.4 Where a client loses a passport or other important documents on tour, we will endeavour to provide reasonable assistance in arranging emergency documentation, but the tour must continue for the rest of the group, and any such arrangements will be at the client's expense.
8.5 Your insurance should be comprehensive to ensure that you are covered for any eventuality that might occur on a tour.

9. Accommodation
9.1 We endeavour wherever possible to use accommodation of a standard that we feel is adequate in the circumstances. Rooms are usually twin bedded and en-suite but this depends on the location.
9.2 Hotels generally charge a single room supplement which we will pass on to the client. In some situations, single rooms may not be available and we will ask you then to consider the possibility of sharing.
9.3 We reserve the right to modify the tour or substitute accommodation, if necessary, even during the tour itself. We will always try to ensure that this does not affect the quality of your tour.

10. Financial Security
In compliance with EC Directive (90/314EEC) Birding Abroad operates entirely through a totally independent client's trust fund. This ensures that, should we become insolvent prior to or during your holiday, all monies paid to us by you are held in trust until such time as Birding Abroad has fulfilled its full and legal obligation to you, the client, in connection with our mutual contract (excepting air tickets).

11. Professional and Public Indemnity
Please note that Birding Abroad is insured for professional and public indemnity in respect of the legal liabilities arising as a tour operator, including as Organiser as defined in the Package Travel Regulations 1992.

12. Complaints
12.1 Should you have cause to complain during your holiday, please bring the matter to the immediate attention of the tour leader(s) who will do their best to remedy the problem on the spot.
12.2 If you still dissatisfied, you must follow this with a letter to Birding Abroad within 28 days of return from the tour. We will not accept any liability for complaints received after that date.

13. Client Behaviour
13.1 The tour leaders have full authority for the duration of the tour. Participants will be expected to behave in a reasonable manner. Any behaviour which in the opinion of the tour leader affects the enjoyment or safety of others on the tour will be challenged by the tour leader.
13.2 Birding Abroad reserves the right to remove anyone from the tour who fails to desist from behaving in an unacceptable manner. The removed party will be responsible for their own homeward journey including all associated expenses.

14. Privacy Policy
14.1 Birding Abroad is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not pass your personal information to anyone else, except where we are required to do so to fulfill our obligations with suppliers of services for the tour you have chosen.
14.2 We do not store financial and personal details (credit/debit card numbers or bank account details or passport details).

15. Birding Abroad Limited
Birding Abroad is a limited company as designated in English law.

16. Further Information
If there is any further information you require, we will be pleased to assist.

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