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Gallery of Kazakhstan 2017 images


Astana - Kazakhstan's amazing new capital

A showpiece modern capital city - Astana

Black-throated Accentor - a common bird in woodlands of the Tien Shan

Black Lark - specialist of central Asian steppes

Bluethroat pallidogularis - a red spotted form found in lowlands

Sandgrouse like this Black-bellied come from miles around to drink
The distinctive song of Red-headed Buntings becomes familiar
At the western edge of its range - Pine Bunting

One of the world's most stunning waders - Caspian Plover

One of several mammal species seen on the trip - Corsac Fox

Grey-necked Bunting - common here - a potential vagrant to the UK?


The Ili river dissects various gorges on its way from the Tien Shan to Lake Balkhash

Saxaul Sparrow - a specialist of deserts in Central Asia

Turkestan Shrike Lanius phoenicuroides - a species in its own right
Thirsty Mongolian Finches frequent the Artisian wells

Formerly known as Eversmann's Stock Dove - Yellow-eyed Pigeon

First views of the distant mighty Tien Shan - beyond here it is the Himalayas


How long before the next in Britain? White-winged Lark

A recent split - Asian Crimson-winged Finch
A mighty Imperial Eagle

Birding in the Tien Shan - stunning scenery too!

A specialist of Turanga forest - White-winged Woodpecker

We visit a colony of Black-winged Pratincoles on the steppe, difficult birds to see anywhere

Himalayan Rubythroats prefer montane juniper scub
Grey-necked Buntings inhabit dry rocky hillsides

A horseman rides the Kazakh steppe

Sociable Plover - Range restricted and difficult to see anywhere in the World

Severtzov's Tit-warbler - with patience great views can be had

Guldenstadt's Redstart - the largest in the family and a hardy species which rarely moves far from the snowline

Lance and Nick enjoy the deserts of the Sogaty Plain


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