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Gallery of Gujarat images 2016


Lance has just returned from a very successful visit to Gujarat in India, successfully seeking out the rare mammals for which this most western state is famous. Of less common knowledge is an abundance of birds, many of which are range restricted or otherwise difficult to find.

Little Green Bee-eater, common and widespread throughout Gujarat, sometimes over 50 seen in a day

surely one of the most attractive of birds - the exquisite Indian Courser

two fine examples of male Blackbuck - an antelope endemic to the Indian subcontinent.

Tickell's Blue Flycatcher

Sights of India

Grey Hypocolius, this sought after speciality, allied to the Waxwings or Bulbuls, breeds in the semi-deserts of Iraq, Iran, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, wintering further south. Only occurs at one site in the whole of India, we were lucky to see more than 20.
here a male

for completeness - a female

a close lioness at the Gir National Park

part of a flock of 2500 Demoiselle Cranes - Little Rann of Kutch.
phone scoped through Kowa scope

Indian Eagle Owl

Sights of India

Indian Wolf, this one watched at a kill in Velavadar

Crab Plover
Yellow-wattled Lapwing

Rufous-tailed Lark

Asiatic Wild Ass

the elusive and sought after Pallid Scops Owl, here wintering in desert acacia
the range restricted Marshall's Iora

Sykes's Nightjar, spotlighting at dusk revealed this very localised species

Stoliczka's Bushchat

Sights of India

Brown-headed Gulls with three Slender-billed Gulls

Indian Skimmer

Coppersmith Barbet
Sights of India

Lesser Sandplover
Terek Sandpiper

Puffer Fish
Mens outdoor baths

Asiatic Lion - you wouldn't want to find your head in there!

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